A downloadable game

unfinished demo ! less than 10 minutes playtime

**This is just the intro really, the only gameplay is at the end and its not even gameplay, just tiny proof there was crafting involved. Going to update ASAP

Play as a leader in this dangerous situation this small group of wilders have found themselves in. 

Survive by crafting and naviagting through this forest but take care of keeping the ones you lead healthy and willing to help you through.

game was made in 10 days for Jamcraft 5

4/20 6am - updated end demo and added a bit more craftabilty at the end, still not much. Will take in feedback and continue working on the game from here!


WILDER_infected-1.1_unfinished_demo-mac.zip 21 MB
WILDER_infected-1.1_unfinished_demo-pc.zip 38 MB

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